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Real Name: Anton Lukoyanychev, Alexander Ananyev

Profile: Sleepy Town Manufacture are one of the first participants of the astonishing invasion of russian electronica into the western world. The band was founded in 1999 by Anton Lukoyanychev and Alexander Ananyev. Alexander also produces a unspeakably warm ambient under the name Beautumn.

The project Sleepy Town Manufacture (STM) was founded in 1999 in Nizhniy Novgorod and represents the result of the collaboration and work of the three equal in rights musicians: Ananyev A.V., Komarov R.Y. and Lukoyanychev A.E. - the initiator of the project creation and the one who later gave to the sounding of the group the original electronic style.

The beginning of work is marked by ambient-dub direction, search of the style, experimenting with samples. At the end of the second century the first joint album called “Pitz1212” was recorded. It represents a harmonious collage of music various on sounding, original cocktail of noise scraps, atmospheric ambient, and an intricate remake of a melodic enough melody.

At the beginning of year 2001 group STM recorded an ambient disk “Melanoma”, its release is being considered with the Moscow label “Zvezda records” engaged in publication of ambient music.

“Melanoma” bears traces of light ambient temper. Rhythmics not quite peculiar to ambient is bravely used, the second admixture - an almost inaudible aftertaste of dream, and at last, though to a great extent, this is IDM, and of good-quality at that.

The album represents a united complete composition neatly sewed together from several tracks, with no semantic pauses between them. Each track - is an audio-freeze frame, an audio-brick, an audio-object in a way, rather unpretentious organized, but possessing its own sound and life. One and all – a tight twisted succession of lush pictures. No gloom, even more so, hollowness is not possible to discover.

At the beginning of the third millennium STM recorded the third album of account “PROMO”, which was released on Cheburec rec. – St. Petersburg’s label.

The filling of the album kept melody and slightly perceptible atmospheric tune of the previous albums, but obtained an organic IDM-sounding. A complex rhythm, filigree precision of details, unobtrusive change of rhythm, noise insertions, giving the music materiality and “hereness”, - characterize the members of the group as bold improvisators.

It’s possible to get acquainted with some tracks at the official site of the group (http://www.stown.org), and also to listen to their web-releases – the two valuable disks, published on the internet-label www.monotonik.com called “Miss EP” and “Latatoo”. The last one includes remixes of such famous musicians as Sense, Lackluster, Secede and others. The compositions from these mini-albums are being prepared to release on Neo Ouija Records at the end of year 2003.

The end of year 2001 was marked to the duet by the release of track ‘No Machine Made’ on the Russian electronic compilation “Out to city 2”, published on Cheburec rec. label.

The same year in autumn the debut disk “White Coffee” with ambient-noise melodic of the STM side-project called ‘Beautumn’ was recorded.

In 2002 the group recorded several remixes on the English musician Lee Norris famous by his work in Metamatics, Norken and Nacht Plank projects.
The remixes were released by Hydrogen Dukebox label on CD and vinyl.

In December 2002 STM took part in the winter festival of electronic music in Repino along with such stars of Russian electronics as Fizzarum, EU, KLutCH, New Composers…

STM official website

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