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Биография Working For A Nuclear Free City



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British bands have been strip-mining ’70s post-punk and ’80s synth-pop for years. Working for a Nuclear Free City delivers another entry in a long line of retro rewrites, using the Madchester sound of the Stone Roses and similar early ’90s groups as a starting point. Though that brand of pill-popping post-rave rock is easy to mock, the only thing funny about WFANFC is its name. «Troubled Son» rides a funky bass line through a chamber of booming lyrics, and tracks like «Innocence» and «The Tape» pulse with shiny guitar licks that cut through each track’s all-encompassing atmosphere. The Manchester-based band also manages to cram plenty of variety into its debut album. «Over» apes the trippy sound of Spiritualized; the ambient «Pixelated Birds» slowly churns layers of feedback; and «Quiet Place» soothes with a series of sweet, echoing harmonies. In a field filled with carbon-copy hacks, WFANFC is as optimistically forward-thinking as its Greenpeace-friendly name.

— Pat Sisson
— Playboy.com

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Working For A Nuclear Free City
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