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FA – musician, dj, sound producer.

Roots of his musical passion can be found in the mids of 90’s. At an early age FA became interest in music production, synthesizers and sequencers. At the same time he was electric boogie dancer in “B.Squad” b-boy crew. In 2004 Timur decided to become a deck wizard and started his dj career.

Thanks to dj activity FA got burst of energy to produce his first tracks. As a consequence of that in 2005 the debut album “Elektrovinyl” was released. On its opening track FA declaimed: “My World Is Techno, My Mind – Electro!”. That rhyme and track became a loud announcement of the beginning of FA’s career as producer on Saint-Petersburg’s electronic scene.

One year later second album “Zanzibar”, mix-compilations “Where Is My Ableton” (2 CD) and “Syntro FX Mix” were released. Thanks to outstanding production skills, FA gained respectable reputation among Saint-Petersburg colleagues. In summer 2006 Timur got remix request from Ataraxy Records. Subsequently track of Alex Camel – “Techno-Electro” (FA remix) was included in official release and label catalogue.

At the beginning of 2007 FA remixed two tracks which attracted attention of wider audience. Tracks called DJ FA vs. Arabesque – “Zanzibar” and DJ FA vs. DMX – “Party Up” instantly became charts hits and took confident positions in play-lists of authoritative dj’s of Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. They were included in numerous compilations and rotated on major radio stations such as Radio Record 106,3 FM (Saint-Petersburg) and Megapolis 89,5 FM (Moscow).

Some months later third album “Fatone” was released. There were presented new remix on “My Mind Is Electro”, solid chunky “Smile Like Junkie” (elektrozo mix), “Let’s Play” with FA’s original vocal and beautiful “Deep Pleasure”. Tunes from the new album got support from dj’s and also were included in different compilations such as “Technogenic stories” mixed by Amigo for World Club Music.

At the same year 2007 Italian label Royal Tek Records released FA’s EP called “The Flame”. Instantly Minidub Mix version got respectable feedback and dj-reaction from Europe and Timur decided to concentrate on his studio work.

Nowadays Timur FA is well-known person on Saint-Petersburg’s electronic scene. He definitely knows how to make music and how to make you move. He combines philosophy, literature, painting and cinema with music ideas. Moreover, FA means Free Art on the one hand, and middle note of the diatonic scale on the other hand. In that way his name symbolize harmony and confidence, experience and delight, peace and power, love and universe.

Источник: lastfm.ru

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Timur Fa
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