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Дискография The Mars Volta



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Octahedron [2009] Mercury

Octahedron is the stunning new album from The Mars Volta. An album
heady with the emotion and high-drama that has always been the bands
trademark, their newfound simplicity and focus has delivered some of
the most immediate and powerful songs in their discography. The album
opens with the tender ache of Since Weve Been Wrong, Cedrics
keening vocal establishing a mood thats deeply blue, powerfully
melancholic, a suckerpunch that hits every bit as hard as Octahedrons
unashamed rockers (the gleaming futuristic funk of Teflon, the tense
chase-music of Cotopaxi). Pulling back from the full-tilt
experimentation of previous releases, the album invests its energies in
Omars gift for songcraft, for swooning guitar runs of high tension and
emotive power (Luciforms epic riffage), and for the nagging hooks
and melodies that wreath the churning rhythms of Desperate Graves.

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The Bedlam In Goliath [2008]

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The Mars Volta
Год основания – 2001
Страна – США
Жанры – Rock
Стили – Experimental, Experimental Rock, Hardcore, Neo-Psychedelia, Post-Rock, Prog-Rock/Art Rock
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