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The Fuzztones are a garage rock revival band formed in the 1980s, playing straight into the 1990s and now. Founded by singer-guitarist Rudi Protrudi in New York City in 1981 , the band has gone through several member changes but is currently active in Europe. Dismissed by some critics and listeners as a «bar band» or unoriginal - and even plagaristic - they maintained a strong fan base in New York, in Europe and in Los Angeles, where Rudi would move in 1987 after the breakup of the original band, to organize a new Fuzztones, consisting of Jordan Tarlow, (Lead Guitar) John «Speediejohn» Carlucci, (Bass) Jason Savall, (Vox Organ) & «Mad» Mike Czekaj on drums. This lineup bears the distinction of being the only 1980’s garage rock revival band to secure a major label record deal[citation needed], when they signed to RCA.

The group’s name is derived from FuzzTone, the commercial name of a guitar distortion booster invented in 1964 and whose distinctive sound was popularized in the 1965 hit song «(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction» by the Rolling Stones.

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The Fuzztones
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