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The idea about creation of group has arisen in March, 2008, in Russia. Up to the announcement of, the structure in "Tega" varied many times its constant participants have remained only Olivia, Alexandra and Viktoria. The group has extremely maiden structure. Songs are created by participant Olivia, the graduate of jazz school on a speciality a jazz vocal. Olivia has received a speciality as the pianist, but has changed a speciality for a guitar. In group she's the soloist and the guitarist simultaneously. Viktoria has no music education, in group acts as the bass - guitarist and the back-vokalist. Alexandra owns a synthesizer, leaves musical school on a speciality of a piano. Mary plays to group on drums. Has finished musical school on a speciality of a piano. In group has changed a speciality, acts as the drummer and the soloist. They are constant participants of group. Formation of collective is not finished yet, but 1 album " Save me " is already written. Songs are written in style visual key, but despite of it, Olivia, Viktoria and Mary belong to Gothic subculture. Now work of collective proceeds.

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Год основания – 2008
Страна – Германия
Посетителей на сайте 264