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After growing up on the outskirts of North London and developing a love for Detroit House music and breakbeats, Tayla quickly formed a friendship with another local DJ, LTJ Bukem. Then in 1991, while on holiday in Ibiza, he blagged his first DJ set. The decision had been made and his pursuit to become a successful DJ began. After months of hard work and networking his talent and unique style was recognised by Murray from Dreamscape and Chris and Jay from World Dance to name a few.
Around this time Tayla started to venture into the studio. Firstly, with Travis from Satin Storm and they produced «Lets Get Together» which made an impact on the scene and was championed by some of the top dj’s. That track gave him some of the exposure he was searching for.
Then in 1993, Bukem formed Good Looking Records and Tayla produced his first and Good Looking’s second release «Bang The Drums». He then went on to collaborate with more Artists, namely Photek (Bringing me Down/Soul Searching) PFM and Artemis. As he moved further into the scene he started to make an impact with his djing at the infamous Logical Progression events at clubs like Ministry of Sound, Cream and all over the globe.
In 1997, after various releases on the Earth Compilations and Logical Progression albums, Tayla started his own label «Nexus Records», which saw the first release, Doc Scott’s «Tokyo Dawn» come out as a limited edition vinyl through the Earth box set. Then followed releases from Tayla, Alaska, LTJ Bukem’s «Music» rework and the classic «Jazz Lick» from Peshay. 2000 saw the release of «Soul Survivors» a Nexus compilation album that showcased the diversity of the labels sound.
Finally, after some time out of the scene, Tayla is back in the studio with a new production partner «Furney». A guy who has been behind the scenes for years and is now emerging as an exciting new talent. They have many tracks already produced together, which are to be released on Good Looking and Nexus and they are now both looking forward to a very bright future…

(from http://www.myspace.com/djtaylaglo)

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