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Alexander Pavlenko, alias Sunchase hails from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine and is without a doubt one of the most talented producers in the drum’n’bass scene.
Everything started in 1996 with a Prodigy tape he was given by a friend. Experimenting with sounds ended with a hip-hop project – “Metromir”. Band won 4th place on Ukrainian local festival “Dnepr Club Stream” in 2000. Later on another project followed – “Transmission of Samples”. Both projects didn’t satisfy Sunchase, because in both teams he did the most part, and like it sometimes happens other members didn’t give a shit. A few years later he got acquainted with another fellow of Ukrainian drum’n’bass scene who suggested to start another project – called Static intro, in which Sunchase was responsible for production and another member for management. The project got good response and was quite successful on the local scene. But still a row of different projects only made Sunchase to go his own way.
Consequently, in 2003 he decided to focus all his time in the studio to work on the solo production. The result didn’t keep waiting. “Remember me” feat. Yana Key – tune that was mastered by Pendulum guys immediately gained first place on Dogs on Acid. It wasn’t too long before offers started coming in to release it. In the end, Alexander decided to give it to Hostile recordings. Thus in 2004 his first to be hit was released on Hostile recordings with Illskills remix on the flip. The release gained the massive DJ support and was repressed a few times. This made Sunchase feel even more strongly about his activity and keep working on his music.
2005 became a big year for Alexander as he got numerous releases on labels such Full Force recordings – “Sunchase & Cyb Org – Eclipse”, “Sunchase - Air freshner”, Revolution recordings - “Sunchase & Counterstrike feat. Tasha Baxter – Nemesis”, Recon recordings – “Marazmatick / Save us”, Salvage recordings: R.D.S - Therapy (Sunchase remix)”.
Good end of 2005 witnessed release for mighty Moving Shadow with “Sands Of Time” EP, feat. “Sands Of Time” / “Isida” / “As We Look” / “Next Rhythm”.
In 2006 Sunchase production career continued to grow stronger. Beginning of 2006 marked another massive “Remove Heaven” EP for Sinuous records, feat. “Remove Heaven” / “It” / “Dreamcatcher” / “Aquarius”. Later this year ELP collective got interested in Sunchase works and released his 12’ – “Pneuma / Impulse”. His latest drum’n’bass release in 2006 feat. collaboration with Mindscape - “Tear Gas” belongs to DSCI4 Records last LP – Something sick.
Apart from drum’n’bass, Alexander was always interested in other music genres like techno/electro/breaks. Naturally, his love for them transformed into release of 12’ – “CPU / Motherboard” on sublabel of well-known Cyberfunk (breaks label) - Mile High recordings in 2006.
2007 is looking to be a big year for Alexander as his first album coming out on Defcom records. Despite forthcoming releases on Osiris music (Defcom sublabel), M-Atome recordings and Cyberfunk.
Already featured in Knowledge magazine, Sunchase is gaining strong exposure within the Drum and Bass scene worldwide for his quality production skills.

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