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Биография Struggle da Preacher



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Born Ivan Rylov and raised in Tyumen, Russia, Struggle da Preacher started rapping like in 2000-01 with his blood brother St.Rap. The two formed a group, called Lazy Bones, Later in 2004 SDP struck out as solo artists. SDP dropped his first solo album a year later in November 2005, called Be Wit Me Or F*** Dat. Which received many rave reviews from a global audience. 2005 was a very productive year for SDP. SDP widen his horizon makin many helpful contacts abroad with foreign artists. This resulted in making collaborations on a global level. The first major step was showing up on The Katrina Relief Album CD which was dropped by 62030 Promotions in Las Vegas, NV. This was indeed one of many of SDP goals to have a release in the USA. SDP lastest release is his Album Da Preacher Of Struggle which was dropped on Feb. 11, 2008. There are 11 artists from 4 countries (USA, Russia, France, Senegal) are invited as guests. Work in progress is his new Double CD Album UpsnDown: My Solo and another Album called American Born which are planned to be released in fall 2009.

Struggle da Preacher
Год основания – 2001
Страна – США
Жанры – Rap
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