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The SCAM started back in 1986 in the good old days of what was then called Psychobilly. After a few gigs the lads made their first demo tape in the winter of the same year which caught the attention of Johnny and Eddie at Count orlock records. The boys recorded their debut album «Gambling Fever»in October 1988 which led to supporting various big acts at the time, playing festivals like the Rockhouse Psychobilly meeting, Night of the longknives and doing national radio performances.Not having enough material for a new album they decided to re record old songs from the first Demo together with some covers.The mini album called «Infant Years»was released on Tomstone Records in 1989.The last album the band made was «A million dollar Scam» which was released on the Rockhouse label in 1991. Additional songs with guest vocalist Frenk Kok where recorded in 1993 as a bonus for the release of the CD.Then after playing for two more years the boys called it quits each going their own way.In the years to come they played together in Garage and Bluesbands and Mars played with The PENGUIN and started 69BEAVERSHOT for which he changed to the double bass (and still does so till this day).Now after 10 years the boys are back together in original line up.What was then called Psychobilly is now considered Neo Rockabilly. With new arrangements and lots of musical extra baggage the SCAM will rock the house harder then ever before.

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