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Artistname: Psyfactor (Dmitri Korablin)
Location: Russia (Moscow)
Release: various psytrance and chill out tracks on compilations, psytrance album and chill out album.

Psyfactor is producing music since 1995. From 2000 on he started dj-ing psychedelic sounds at parties & festivals in & around Moscow. His style can be described as hard & dark twisted with kicking drums and fat basslines. Like most music from Russia his style is for the nighttime where you really want to go «mad».

Where and when are you born?
It was quite some years ago in small big city Moscow at the start of USSR reconstruction, when Communism was still present. There was only one project in the USSR that made electro music, called Zodiac. I had to listen to it when I was 3 years old, my parents always played this for me. And then I was kidnapped by aliens, after a few years I was back on earth…

How did you get to know about psytrance?
In 1995 I preferred every electronic music and of course I tried to get different music in the stores. Then I had more different styles to choose from for favorite listening, and the search for new music stopped with psychedelic music.

When did you make your first track?
It was a gabber hardcore track, in 1995 I was a fan of the German happy rave and hardcore music, I wanted to make my own track in a way how I would like to hear it.

What kind of music directions are you attracted to?
Everything without words and it must contain unique sound movements and patterns, exactly as it is I(ntelligent)D(ance)M(usic), Dark minor Ambient and hard psychedelic trance

Your first released track?
It was 666 made in 2000 released in 2004 by Inpsyde-Media, it was my first track made in evil influence by my mind

Any Future plans?
To make an ambient album and other dark and unique style tracks. I always find a way to get a unique sound in my tracks.

Источник: lastfm.ru

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