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Drizz Fox and Barry Hammers have known each other for many years, but when they decided to form Machine Made Pleasure in 2004, they never imagined the music they could create. Inspired by recent artists Apoptygma Berzerk, De/Vision, Icon of Coil, Colony 5, VNV Nation and influenced by past greats Depeche Made, Erasure and Camouflage, Machine Made Pleasure set out to make great dance music that would play in your head all day.
With great memorable hooks, energetic beats, mesmerizing vocals and catchy melodies Machine Made Pleasure has created an energetic sound that has been described as a pleasant mix of Apoptygma Berzerk, Depeche Mode, Sisters of Mercy and De/Vision. You will find yourself dancing and singing along with every Machine Made Pleasure song. Maybe this is why Machine Made Pleasure have put themselves among the best sounding Industrial/dance bands in such a short amount of time.

Machine Made Pleasure have received great feedback so far in the underground scene. Besides being played by clubs in the DC area, the song «Ghost» has hit #1 on sounclick.com, unsignedbandweb.com and Slothradio.com. «Ghost» also won several awards in one month on garageband.com including «Song of the Week», «Best Melody» two times, «Best Lyrics » two times, «Best Male Vocals» three times and «Best Programming» an unbelievable four times. Other early releases by Machine Made Pleasure like «What Would You do For Love» and «Id Die For You» have hit #1 as well and are being played on many web radio stations such as New Wave Radio.net, 99.9 The Electric Front, Tesses Indie wave, Aeschtunes and Sloth Radio.com just to name a few. Machine Made Pleasure have truly created a sound and feel that has been embraced by clubs and Industrial/Synth fans alike. Now everyone can enjoy the sounds of Machine Made Pleasure. The full length CD entitled «Spirit Within» showcases every song plus some great remixes of their best songs. Enjoy the music and don’t be surprised if you find yourself singing and dancing along.


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Machine Made Pleasure
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