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Chris aka Lorcscyric was born in 1984 in Heidelberg (Germany). As a teen he listened to music like Trance, Techno and Rave, later Hip Hop and Jungle. At the age of 15 he and his older brother bought their first mixer unit, two synthesizers and a turntable set.

After one year of djing and producing Hip Hop and Jungle he concentrated on djing faster breakbeats from Oldschool to Darkstep and tried to get more and more into drum&bass scene. He founded the «The Insurrexion» project in 2002 and organized some parties in his home town near Wiesloch/ Heidelberg. After he met DJ Sickhead (Mannheim) and playing some gigs with him, Ghostrider and DJ Sykes, he was invited to join the well known «Neurotic Sound Foundation» (Soothsayer, MosHi, 13Music, BlackHoe, Exegene) Later followed the NSF «Sound Force» project in Mannheim.

Constantly getting harder, darker and faster he created his own unique mashup style and got in contact with the breakcore scene, where the «Nine Hellz» were born out of the insurrexion project. He also joined «Morbid Entertainment» after he met Dfect (Karlsruhe). After increasing to a maximum of brutality and violence, Lorc created his own style «Lorccore» by mashing in all the hardest experimental styles like Noizecore, Darkstep and Breakcore. Don’t think it exists a maximum of coreness.

Since 2005 he is also playing Raggacore-, Breakcore-, Darkstep-, Metal-, Experimental-mashed mixes, known as the «Rasta Lichking» project. Today Lorcscyric is known as one of the hardest and darkest underground artists in the broken music scene.

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