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Liz Kay (1981) was born in the Netherlands in a little town called Delft. As far as she can remember Liz loves performing and to entertain people. At the age of sixteen she started her professional singing career. She performed at many big events and accomplished a lot of finals from talentshows. This inspired her to continue singing and to take her chances in the music business.

When Liz was 19 years old she started private singing lessons and turned out to be a real musical artist. Thanks to her tremendous willpower and enthusiasm Liz got involved with various singing projects, which brought up a lot of experience. In the meanwhile Liz graduated for her study called ‘social work’ and found a flexible job to combine with singing.

In the last few years Liz Kay joined project after project. Soul, pop, dance, theatreplays, hiphop and rockmusic passed by and Liz has seen a lot of stages. Threw all those years Liz Kay was also asked for several studiojobs. She made quite a few commercials and jingles which were meant for Dutch radio and television.

With this knowledge you could say that Liz Kay is an allround singer with a lot of experience in various styles. Althought she likes popmusic best, Liz is an artist who likes to mix up some styles. Liz: “As long as my music moves people positively in one way or another, I am happy!”

In 2005 Liz met Yanou & Manian in Germany, producers of the very succesfull international dance-formation CASCADA. After two years of cooperation it’s now time to release the Album of LIZ KAY.

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Liz Kay
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