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Founded in 2002, Liebe ist Cool is the embodiment of star crossed lovers Kitty Fox
and Peter Eflein’s quest to present and offer an open connection to their world,
their micro/macro-system- their reflection of our evolving universe, using an array
of high quality multimedia endeavors.

The Liebe ist Cool project is an automatic transmitter of artistic expression, socially
plastic and universally available to everyone. It is the hope of Liebe ist Cool, that
the project’s futuristic elements and vivid aesthetics beam themselves out onto
the virtual pathways of our world and appear in an easy and immediate way- for you.

True, honest expression, unwaveringly fresh to the senses- think of the project as a
hyperspace communication tool that brings you deep access into Kitty and Peter’s
neural kaleidoscope, allowing for an instantaneous friendship and source of
inspiration- pointing toward the infinities that await. In order to readily absorb the
content, simply link yourself up to some Liebe ist Cool output.

One’s first encounter usually begins with the project’s foray into post minimal
house music. Native to Berlin, Liebe ist Cool has already yielded 4 EPs and 2 artist
albums to date- all to international acclaim. The music has been described as highly
accessible yet avant garde, modern dance music with enough emotion and
edge to grab the attention of the most upfront listeners and to bring smiles
to the truly dedicated electronic music fans worldwide. In addition to studio output,
the Liebe ist Cool travel and perform a live act which has led them to a multitude of
top clubs and events across Europe- including Frankfurt’s esteemed Cocoon Club.

Continuing your use of the hyper-communication tool will also lead you to
Liebe ist Cool’s take on fashion and to custom made accessories and clothing-
handcrafted with love and uniquely tempting those in pursuit of refined,
originality in style.

The future is bright and promises the unveiling of beautiful and vibrant, cutting edge
advances into connection with Kitty and Peter…each layer offering more content as
the story unfolds, one moment at a time…bestowing inspiration and energy into
all who know Liebe ist Cool…

Источник: lastfm.ru

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Liebe Ist Cool
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