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Kudai is a Chilean pop rock group. Its original members were Tomás Cañas Manzi, Pablo Holman Concha, Nicole Natalino and Bárbara Sepúlveda Labra. In 2006 Nicole Natalino left the group citing personal reasons, and was replaced by Ecuadorian Gabriela Villalba. The band’s name comes from the Mapudungun word küdaw, meaning «work.»

Kudai are hugely popular mostly among teenagers in South America, Central America- Guatemala (one of the most important groups in music charts),Panamá, etc. and Mexico.

Kudai was formed in the year 2000, when a band of children was put together to sing tribute songs of Italian hits of the ’80s. This band was called «Ciao», and produced only one disc with relative success. Afterwards, they begun to perform group-submitted songs and musical interpretation of diverse instruments and changed their name to «Kudai». This word comes from the mapudungun kudau (meaning young worker). Kudai released their first album «VUELO» (Spanish for flight) in 2004, and their first single «Sin Despertar» quickly escalated to the first places of Chilean music rankings. Soon they released their second single «Ya Nada Queda», which achieved great success as did their third single «Escapar». «VUELO» went platinum in August 2005.

Kudai was nominated for «Best Artist—Central Region» and «Best New Artist—Central Region» in the MTV Video Music Awards Latin America 2005. They released their first DVD, which included their 2004-2005 Tour, in September 2005. They are successful all over South America and Mexico.

In 2006 they recorded their second album. Its single «Déjame Gritar» reached number 1 at Latin MTV’s TRL «Los 10 + Pedidos». They also released a video for «Quiero Mis Quinces»

During their promotional tour Nicole Natalino left the group, and she was replaced temporarily by Gabriela Villalba, an Ecuadorian singer who was part of an Ecuadorian group called «Kiruba». Gabriela was part of Kudai’s tour opening act. Villalba became a permanent member of the group, and now contributes to the group’s excellent trajectory.

They also perform the theme for the MTV Latin America’s show «Quiero mis Quinces» (English:»I Want My 15»).

They re-record their second album after the departure of Nicole Natalino and released on September 26 the new album featuring Gabriela’s voice.

On October 19, 2006 the group won the MTV VMA Latin America award for «Best Pop Artist», which they dedicated to their fans and Nicole, ex-member of the group. After the success of the group, they were invited to the Viña del Mar Festival that was celebrated on February, 2007.

They moved to Mexico to launch their international career and leaving Chile. To say goodbye to their country, they played at Festival of Viña del Mar. Which moves their way up to making the song «tu» and «Tal Vez».»Tu» their new single, has been a hit across Latin America. They have revolutionized punk and rock music. They intimated that their new album may be called,»Okey». They are not so sure but they will be getting a darker look and the lyrics will now be harder and reach out to teens so they can understand what they are talking about.The lyrics will be able to reach out to people who have difficult life problems and they can understand what they are going through.Its mostly to make think through of what is really happening.

Kudai will probably perform in World Peace One on December 2007. The will rock the stage probably in Berlin, Germany or Puerto Rico.

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