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King Kurt were formed in 1981 by Jef Harvey (v), guitarists Paul Laventhol (called Thwack) and John Reddington, Bert Boustead (b), Rory Lyons (d) and school boy Maggot on a borrowed Sax. They were originally known as Rocking Kurt and the Sour Krauts (so named because they used to give away sauerkraut at the early gigs to the audience). Jef left the band in 1982 to go to Birmingham and Gary Cayton (called Smeg) was found in Brighton to take over lead vocals. The 6 piece combo hit the Psychobilly scene with their very special sound, humor and style who´s tunes would still be appreciated over two decades later.

Their first independent release was «Zulu Beat», backed by «Rockin Kurt». In 1983 their popularity had increased and they were signed to Stiff Records. Their debut album «Ooh Wallahwallah», was produced by Dave Edmunds and the first outtake «Destination Zulu Land» reached No 36 in the BBC charts. (They even appeared on «Top Of The Pops»!)

King Kurt toured extensively, they were also big in Europe, USA and Japan. Their gigs were real spectacular: on stage drinking games usually started off the night with many willing volunteers getting up to drink beer through a long tube, they threw buckets of coloured slime over the crowd and band members gave haircuts to the audience for 20p.

At the end of 1984 Reddington and Bousted had departed. Jim Piper (g) and Dick Crippen (b) came in. Their next album Big Cock hit the no.50 of the UK charts in March 1986. Around 1987/1988 the band split up, but King Kurt were touring again from 1992-1996, with a lineup consisting of Smeg, Paul, Maggot and two new members, Billy and Daniel.

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King Kurt
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