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The one and only Jenny Piccolo hailed from Northern California following the
break up of Mohinder (Gravity Records, GSL, Unleaded). This punishing
three-piece powerhouse became a prominent part of the Three One G family when
the label first started. From the outset Jenny Piccolo toured non-stop and
released a split EP with sister band, The Locust. In a few short years Jenny
Piccolo left us with an LP and a plethora of EPs as well as compilation tracks.
This anthology CD consists of some of Three One G’s finest releases; Jenny
Piccolo’s «Information Battle to Denounce the Genocide» LP, their «Lowest Common
Denominator» 7» EP, the split 10» with Sweden’s Asterisk*, and The Locust/ Jenny
Piccolo Split 5» picture disc EP. Also featured on this CD are rare compilation
tracks as well as the material from the «Death of a Salesman» split 7» EP with
SU19B. So here you have 52 songs of relentless, thrashing then plodding,
start/stop hardcore for the first time on CD with new artwork and layout by
Charles Rowell of The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower. To top it all off, the
material has been digitally mastered by Dan Maier (Head Wound City, Holy Molar,
Some Girls). Members of Jenny Piccolo later went on to play in bands such as
Makara and Yaphet Kotto. This is for fans of The Locust, Some Girls, Das Oath,
as well as other primitive and fast hardcore punk like Heresy, No Comment,
Crossed Out, etc.

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Jenny Piccolo
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