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Gert-Jan Prins ( IJmuiden, the Netherlands, 1961): Electronics, Percussion

Gert-Jan Prins has been known for twenty years as one of the most challenging sound artists in the Netherlands, .
He is an autodidact who focuses on the sonic and musical qualities of electronic ‘noise’.
In his work, Prins makes connections with modern electronic club culture, occupying a radical position with his investigation of electronic sound
and its relationship to the visual. He also creates links with the performance art and machine art of the 1980s, which reshaped the legacy of
industrial society to produce threatening, yet sometimes also sublime, encounters with technology.

Prins has built various analogue- and digital electronic systems that create signals within the listenable audio domain.
Besides his solo-project, current projects include MIMEO, Synchronator (with Dutch video artist Bas van Koolwijk), The Flirts (with Cor Fuhler),
he has collaborated with Pita, Thomas Lehn, Lee Ranaldo, Anne la Berge, Fennesz, the Vacuum Boys, Peter van Bergen,
Marcus Schmickler, Raed Yassin, Koen Nutters, Norbert Moslang, Tomas Korber, Thomas Ankersmit, Giuseppe Ielasi, Carlos Giffoni, Luc Houtkamp
and Misha Mengelberg and many others.
with visual artists: Bas van Koolwijk, Rob Flint, Xavier Quérel, Andre Avelas, Manel Esparbé i Gasca, Petra Dolleman, Martha Colburn, Cyrus Frisch.
composers and ensembles: LOOS, Maarten Altena Ensemble, Gilius van Bergeijk, David Dramm, Domenico Sciajno.
Performances, on international festivals & clubs throughout Europe, North America, South-Africa, Russia, Australia.

Источник: lastfm.ru

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Gert-Jan Prins
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