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Fear The Clown is Oklahoma City’s hottest hard rock trio. The «intensely satisfying rock experience» known as Fear The Clown brings together the sounds of yesterday (Depeche Mode) with the undeniable sounds of today (Tool, Deftones, Filter). With crunching guitar riffs, thick bass grooves, and heavy drum beats, Fear The Clown leaves the listener heavily anticipating their next move. Experimenting with different sounds is something that Fear The Clown is not afraid to do. With their infectious sound and edgy stage performance, Fear The Clown has gained a strong following across the nation. «Thick, textured hard rock made by three individuals who live by it: an aural assault on life,» is how one Fear The Clown supporter describes their music. The band has taken home two of the six Oklahoma Rock Awards for which they were nominated. Fear The Clown has already shared the stage with the likes of The Union Underground, Flybanger, and Drowning Pool. Their hit single off of Gotham Records’ Within, «Iceboat» has been climbing up the alternative metal charts. Gotham Records licensed Fear The Clown’s «Inside the Memories» to the debut episode of Smallville, the WB’s highly anticipated Superboy series. Watch for them in a town or on a television near you! Copyright © 1994-2006 Gotham Records and Patrick Arn. All Rights Reserved. Obviously this is old, because we broke up in 2002…just thought I would throw that in there. Cheers, FTC.

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Fear The Clown
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