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Sil and Denis Guttersnipe of Moscow, Russia, began producing minimal techno as Easy Changes in 2005. Sil first started producing music in 2003 while djing since 1998, and he released a few tracks on compilation cds. Denis Guttersnipe (originally from Tashtagol, Siberia, before relocating to Moscow) also released under the name Cast, including an idm cd album on peace technologies and a couple eps alongside Chizh (from Moscow) on Sender records and Ringelbeatz. Guttersnipe has been djing since 2003 while producing music since 1999. the Easy Changes duo unites playful sound manipulation with psychedelic elements to yield a fresh and ultramodern side of minimal dance music. Easy Changes are also a part of Nervmusic — a production group in Moscow that organizes music events around Moscow and other russian cities.

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Easy Changes
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