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Биография Dark Reality



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This amasing and unique baroque (death) metal band originates from Reutlingen, Germany. There were just 2 albums: «Blossom of mourning» in 1996 and «Oh, precious haze pervade the pain» in 1997 (recorded in Witchunt Rec.) Both of them had stunning sound of middle-ages instruments and charming lute passages composed with really sombre slow guitars. Besides it was flavoured with a bit of classics and folk. I wouldn`t match anything with it!
Another original point is the vocals. In 1996 there were 2 of them - Oliver Ramacher (growl) and Andres Waldura (I`d call it soprano))), but this mixture worked perfectly against that dark music background.
In 1993 the band released a demo called «Umbra Cineris».
In 1997 Oliver quitted the band.
For some time the sound of Dark Reality was a kind of unachievable standard among rare baroque metal bands.

Oliver Ramacher - Vocals
Martin Heinzelmann - Guitars, Background vocals
Phillip Keiler - Guitars, Vocals
Alexander Scheim - Bass guitars, Background vocals
Andres Waldura - Vocals, flute, horn.
Gert Kopf - drums

Источник: lastfm.ru

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Dark Reality
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