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Chieco Kawabe (河辺 千恵子 Kawabe Chieko) is a female J-pop singer, model, radio host and actress. She was born on February 24, 1987 in Tokyo. She is a graduate of Toshima, Tokyo. As of her marriage to producer Masato Ochi on August 8, 2008, her legal name is Chieko Ochi (越智 千恵子 Ochi Chieko).

Starting at the age of twelve, Kawabe played the role of Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury in the Sailor Moon Musicals, or Sera Myu. She started in 2000, in the Fan Kansha event for the 2001 musical, Transylvania no Mori, Kaiteiban. She continued for a couple more years, appearing in five musicals total, finishing with the 2002 special musical, 10th Anniversary Special. During these musicals, she appeared in some of the more special musicals, including the Death Vulcan special revue show, the second half of the musical being an entire musical revue showing, and the first Sera Myu DVD, the 2002 10th Anniversary event. She also appeared as a musical guest for the next Fan Kansha, performing signature solo song, «Drive Me the Mercury» with the next Mercury actress, Wakayama Manami. She appeared again in the Sailor Moon world as Usagi Tsukino’s best friend, Naru Osaka in the 2003-2004 live action series, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

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Chieko Kawabe
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