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I’ve been on my way here for many years. All I needed was a little experience, and here is KILL HOLLYWOOD ME, with eleven songs; simple, clear, and sometimes naпve – they are quite straightforward. But in one of the many layers I lose myself, and this is the reason why this album is so good, and this is also the reason why I like making music. Many of the songs – ok, all of them – are about love. KILL HOLLYWOOD ME was produced by me and Per Nordmark. We call ourselves Dreamteam. Per’s specialty is rhythm, and mine is tone and our taste in music is quite similar. The album was recorded and mixed by Christoffer Roth and it took three weeks. His way of playing the bass, together with his trained ear, has left its mark. We used words such as “luxurious”, “fat“ and “crisp” when we communicated in the studio. Peter Hermansson came by one day and played the piano on half of the songs, and Henrik Svensson was there and made all sorts of noise. The Hollywood Choir consists of some random people I managed to rake together on the street. I think they are trying to sound like gospel, but it sounds more like a school class on graduation day, which of course is ranked highly.

I am 26 years old, and I come from Vattholma, Sweden, some kilometers north of Uppsala; now I live in Stockholm. I have made two demo recordings, one EP and one album. So KILL HOLLYWOOD ME is my second album, quite different from the first one, yet still on the same path. To kill the Hollywood-me is not easy but – pat, pat on my own back – I’m doing quite well.

PER NORDMARK is 31 years old. His birthday always happens to be when we are in Germany. The women in his family have a jewelry store in Piteе in the north of Sweden, but I don’t remember what his dad does. Per lives in Hornstull in Stockholm and he plays the drums. If you want to hear more I recommend listening to Fireside, Breach and Hets to mention a few. He also plays badminton and brags about his cooking, which is actually pretty good.

CHRISTOFFER ROTH is usually called Chrille. He plays in Club Killers and was a member of the bands Hets and Monster. In his studio, Dubious, he works at an extremely fast pace and has recorded a thousand bands there that I don’t even have the energy to recount. Right now I think he is mixing Ceasars.

PETER HERMANSSON is Sweden’s greatest pianist, but he has now retrained to become a glass blower. He has a house in the dark inlands of Norrland, in northern Sweden, and another one in the south. Soon he will have no less than two children. In any case, I love his melodies more than anyone else’s.

HENRIK SVENSSON used to play in Hets as well, and maybe with Moneybrother too – or am I way off now? Oh, and not to forget: Doktor Kosmos! He’s like a rollercoaster and it’s lovely. He goes motocross racing once a week. To “discharge”. He drives a Volvo in which you start the engine by pushing a button. I’m not sure why, but when I praised his car he said: “Horses for courses, you know.”

HOLLYWOOD CHOIR is: Anja Bigrell, Christian Kjellvander, Johan Strцmgren, Lina Ahlbin, Linnйa Engstrцm, Liv Widell, Markus Krunegеrd, Niklas Johansson and Petter Sцdrin, and they are not at all random people, as I mentioned above, but hand-picked and talented good friends.

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