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Boogie Pimps is the name of an electronic band from Erfurt, Germany. It was formed by the two DJs Mark J Klak and Mirko Jacob.

Their collaboration started in 2000, when Mirko Jacob started performing in Klak’s JoueJoueClub in Erfurt.

In autumn 2003, Boogie Pimps released their first single, a cover version of Jefferson Airplane’s «Somebody to Love». In January 2004 this song entered the Top Ten of the UK singles chart. The music video for «Somebody to Love» was an instant hit in the UK, it featured real looking infants acting in a humorously adult fashion by sky diving out of a plane.

Their second single, «Sunny» was also a cover version. It was originally recorded by Bobby Hebb but the version was covered by Candee Jay.

In 2004 they appeared on a white label, which was not widely released, under the pseudonym «Pimps Guerilla». They performed tracks such as «Right Out of Here» and «Make ‘em Drop». While «Make ‘em Drop» made it onto a few compilations, «Right Out of Here» is not commercially available, with the exception of whitelabels. This could be for legal reasons, as extracts of lyrics and melody were sampled from the end of Queen’s «Bohemian Rhapsody».

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