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There are at least FOUR bands of this name — Turkish alternative rock band (more info here), Russian dark ambient/gothic/darkwave/electro/… collective, German deathcore band and Melodic Death Metal / Synth Gothic band from Bolivia. Here’s a little description of the latter:

Project originating from Moscow, started creative activity in 1996. Brainchild of Av (lyrics, music), with collaboration of Set’g (guitar), Romario, Dan Pa and others. Managed by Victor Rybakov.

They released a dozen albums and 6 professionally mounted videos, one of which («Tvoi Put» - «Your Way») was shown on MTV. The group was one of five the best in the competition programme for «Radio 2000». Some albums received positive reviews in leading publication about rock music, «Dark City».

From the very beginning the project focused on hard industrial sound with rich and dense arrangement, and an addition of ethnic and symphonic elements, mixed with live guitar and keyboard parts, giving Anima’s music 100% original and recognisable tone.

The target audience is defined as an educated, socially active and intellectually developed part of young and mature people, capable of critical analysis of surrounding reality, able to withstand imposed priorities and the impact of the media.

Currently the group is working on the new material about one of the oldest civilisations on Earth, full of atmospheric and ethnic, enchanting tones. The work is consulted with experts - historians, culture scientists, and linguists. The project won’t include photos of the members, as they prefer to remain incognito.

They use specific design disks and album processing, which underscores their individuality and difference from the other projects. The design is on behalf of Moscow-based Animart Studio.

CD production and retail is provided by rock music shop Metallurg (Gorbushkin House).

So far, no major publishing company showed interest in Anima’s art, but this is just a matter of time, as the band’s potential is great.

Source, translated by Google Translate (BETA), corrected by uzi666.

Major releases: Technogen Gothic, Infernoteque, Qemt (this is the aforementioned album about «one of the oldest civilisations on Earth»), The Best Of Anima.

More info, Home page.

Источник: lastfm.ru

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