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Pinball Cha Cha
исполнитель: Yello
загрузил(а): barracuda

Текст песни:
Welcome in Lucy's Bar
Hey, you gentlemen over there
Come on closer, see me play
The sensational game

It's the only thing, I've got in my life
And I play it every day
And, well, believe it or not
It's just pinball and for me
It's Claro que si, Claro que si

Come, come close to me
I tell you man, you will see
I'm like happy tree
Come close and then you will see

Every ball for me's another game
For you this always looks the same
Every ball for me's another game
For you this always looks the same

Hey you, man, you watch me
Might be right, I am a fool
But man, why don't you tell me
If you know a better tool

All the gates are lit
This is very good for me
It's like a kiss
Watch out man and you will see

Now all lights are on
Believe me man, that I have won
I know for you this doesn't look a lot
For me this is the only thing I got

I really couldn't care less
If you take me a for a fool
I know you couldn't show me
Any better tool

Oy oy oy, I like my toy
Claro que si is yes for sure
Oy oy oy, I like my toy
A knack inside, I win another game
I press the button and it's not the same

добавил(а): barracuda

Год основания – 1979
Страна – Швейцария
Жанры – Electronica
Стили – Synthpop
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