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Started in 2004 as a modest but ambitious folk quartet with tuba and electric guitar (as heard on the debut album «Proschay Korova» - «FareWell Thee, Cow») NAYEKHOVICHI has grown into flexible, loud and extravagant klezmer rock`n`roll 9-piece orchestra. In their quest to create an authentic concept of Russian Roots Rock they have passed Scylla and Charybdis of rootless «ethnojazz» and folklorist academism, met with wisemen and rabbis, growed a patisson and crashed a chariot.

Half of the repertoire is bunch of liveliest klezmer tunes treated with honesty of a drunk goldsmith while the other half is songs - some of them folk Yiddish, some of them original compositions in Yiddish, some Soviet pop, some klezmerized rock.

The NAYEKHOVICHI feel and sound equally well at oligarch Jewish weddings in Moscow, in clubs from Taganrog to London, and on festivals such as «Simcha» at Trafalgar Square where they, as dear guests, were granted the honour to close the show.

The bright stage performance of the vocalist-guitarist-trombonist Vanya Zhuk, delivered in Russian, Yiddish, English, German and French, is so fascinating he`s sometimes being beaten by colleagues onstage for taking attention from their playing.

NAYEKHOVICHI are enlightened by studying klezmer with masteres of the genre both back home as well as on the international events, such as London Klezfest and KlezKanada - on the latter Vanya Zhuk is also co-leading a workshop on Klezmer in rock. The reed players Alik Drobinsky and Max Carpycheff are graduates of Cisinau (Moldavia) and Odessa Conservatories respectively.

Apart from jams on the klezmer festivals, NAYEKHOVICHI collaborate(d) with greats of international klezmer scene such as Sophie Solomon, the Corresponding Fiddler of NAYEKHOVICHI, on whose soon-to-release cd Vanya Zhuk also appears as a guest vocalist, Merlin Shepherd (the young tsimbl player Zheka Lizin is part of His Kapelye and plays on its CD), Paul Brody and Michael Alpert. In May 2007 Vanya Zhuk is invited to ride the Klezmercruise as guitarist of the all-star Klezmer band, featuring among others David Krakauer.

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