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DuMonde are Jurgen Mutschall aka JamX and Dominik de Leon aka De Leon. JamX and De Leon are now two of Germany’s biggest DJs. Their production skills are up there with the world’s best, collaborating with the likes of DJ Tiesto and Push. You can now hear DuMonde’s hard techno trance sound across the entire globe, as their records hit the top 40 in dozens of leading countries.

They started out in 1995, under their own personal names. They did not join forces until 1997. But during this period both had a number of hits including, De Leon feat Myra, «I am what I am».

Dominik and Jurgen’s innovative ideas clicked together immediately, and soon followed the tune that perhaps they are most famed for, «Tomorrow». This entered the top 10 Dance Charts in Germany, and hit dozens of compilations, including «Gatecrasher Wet», «Clubber’s Guide», and «Euphoria». «Tomorrow» was undoubtedly the tune that put DuMonde on the map, and the subsequent remix was hammered in a similar fashion by every DJ from Paul Oakenfold to Judge Jules.

DuMonde were now being approached by hundreds of record labels to remix material, and began to develop a powerful reputation as remixers. This was largely due to the success of records such as their remix of ‘Push’, ‘Universal Nation’, or the chart smashing, ‘CRW’, I Feel Love’, and Alice Deejay’s, ‘Better Off Alone’. There is no doubt that DuMonde have been at the front of the trance scene for the last 4 years.

This was strengthened further by their collaboration with fellow German giant, Talla XLC. Together in early 1999, they founded ‘Chaos Records’, which has released several major hits including, ‘Das Licht’, ‘Keep It That Way’, by JamX and ‘Hold It’ and ‘Fate’ by De Leon.

In 2000, DuMonde came back with ‘See The Light’ on Nebula and ‘Just Feel Free’, not to mention the chart storming remixes of ‘Binary Finary 2000’, and their own ‘Tomorrow’.

They are now household names in every major European country, not to mention the U.S. And of course their recent club smash, ‘Never Look Back’ (Manifesto) 2001. This tune also represented a new era for DuMonde, as the awesome trance classic rips up Europe their production has taken a notable power trance edge to it.

DuMonde’s DJ career is now set to take off in a fashion similar to their music over here in the U.K. In Germany they rank alongside DJs such as Westbam and Paul Van Dyk. They have hold the most prestigious residency in the country at the world famous, ‘Dorian Gray’, as well as regular guest spots at clubs such as ‘God’s Kitchen’, in Birmingham, “Gatecrasher” in Sheffileld, ‘Velfarre’, in Tokyo, and also ´Glow´ in Washington D.C. They are also renowned for rocking massive dance events like, ‘Nature One’, ‘The Berlin Love Parade’ and ‘Global Gathering in Birmingham’.

In November 2001 JamX & De Leon finally founded their own label called «F8T Recordings». The first release called «JamX & De Leon- Can U Dig It» was released in spring 2002 and became a huge cub hit all across Europe and still can be found in the playlists of important dj’s like Judge Jules or Fergie.

After DuMonde’s latest projects - «DuMonde vs. Lange? Memory», “God Music”, “Human” and “Kalt / Cold” now the new Single has been released in winter 2004 on F8T Recordings and is called «Ich will raus / Let me out». Now, with every major club in the U.K after them, JamX and De Leon are set to develop their DJ reputations there, to the same level as it is in Germany. So forget about the past and listen to the future - «Let me out» continues the story of DuMonde, which definitely can’t be anything but successful.

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